Flood Warnings



The past couple days, after months of the worst California drought in a long time, it’s been pouring hard. It's as if the rain cloudsoverslept and now trying to compensate for the first 2/3 of this season. 


Above is a somewhat terrifying picture of the storm heading for California, taken by weather satallites.


While reading about the coming storm, I stumbled across this article about the New York Government is partnering with Etsy.com to provide entrepreneurial classes to low-income artisans and designers.

    The Rusted Key got its start 5 years ago on Etsy as a few handmade items. We’ve since grown into a day job for most of our team. What that experience of growing provided, and what I hope this New York program will provide to these artists, goes beyond money.  

     Here in the Bay Area entrepreneurship is another brewing storm—any coffee shop you enter from San Jose to San Francisco you can overhear people as young as 20 chatting about their startups, their new app, which cloud storage they plan to use. In the shadow of tech giants born from humble beginnings—like Facebook (started in a dorm room) and HP (started in a garage)—the spirit of tech is infectiously optimistic.

     This the driving force of the Bay Area growth—the idea that anyone, from any background, with a great idea, some luck, and an indomitable spirit, can break off a sizeable piece from the American Dream.  


Stay dry, everybody!

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