Top 5 Mother's Day Gift for Dog Lovers - ETSY Style

With Mother's Day right around the corner, I thought I would post a few of my favorite gifts for the dog loving mothers out there. All of these are cute and very affordable. 1) Sterling Silver Dachshund Necklace for only $45. Justplainsimple has other little dogs in case your mom is more a Shepard lover. Image 2) Personalized Burlap Dog Pillow for $37 - HeSheChic will personalize a pillow for featuring your mom's dog. Image 3) Personalized Dog Art Work for $22 - DexMex will incorporate your mom's dog into some really cool wall art. Image 4) Customized Copper Dog Tag - Thoughtblossoms etys' store makes great looking rustic dog tag for just $20.  Can't beat that. Image and lastly... My favorite because it combines both a dog and coffee. 5) Pug Coffee Company Art work from geministudio.  Stylish, conversational art piece. Image Now be a good kid and get your mother a cool gift.

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