A Hip Little Mother's Day Playlist

still-of-tom-hanks-and-sally-field-in-forrest-gump   A lot of musicians seem like mama's boys, even some of the toughest ones. In "Folsom Prison Blues"Johnny Cash takes a moment to regret not listening to his mother's to never play with guns. In Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried", the narrator "turned 21 in prison/doing life without parole" despite his mama's best effort. And Tupac Shakur's tearjerker "Dear Mama"--released in 1995 during his incarceration-- was stone cold proof there's nothing soft about loving your mom.   Not to mention one of the toughest men of all time reminding us in an acrostic/rap...  


So here's a playlist for the cool mamas out there. Don't slouch this mother's day. Treat your mamma right.  


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