Coin Cufflinks


It originally started out as the "hobby of kings," because only kings could afford to collect real and genuine gold and silver coins. Many famous and celebrated kings throughout history collected coins and passed them on as gifts to family and friends. Real coin collecting began sometime during the 14th century, as a whimsical activity among privileged individuals. Now, coin collecting is a hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone. There are a variety of coins to collect, from the Irish Half Penny to the Buffalo Nickel. But did you know that you could also add something unique and exciting to you coin collection with a pair of Irish Half Penny or Buffalo Nickel cufflinks? Coin cufflinks are must for any coin collector, because they can help take your collection to the next level. Every coin collector has coins, but not every coin collector owns coin cufflinks. Venture out to your next formal occasion with an exclusive pair.