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Every now and then, it’s important to do something different with your daily attire.  If you’ve run out of ideas, give cufflinks a run for your money. Why, you might ask? Because when done correctly, they can be just the finishing touch you need to top off your look.  For those of you that don’t know, cufflinks are these nifty little things that replace buttons on a dress shirt, and are traditionally worn with French cuffs.  These funky accoutrements date back to the early 1900’s, but will still provide a boost of modern and unexpected flair to those cuffs of yours.  Although cufflinks predate the 1950’s, it was during this decade that men became interested in accessorizing with more than just one item.  Men increasingly began to wear multiple pieces at a time including pocket watches, tie bars, rings, and of course, cufflinks.  It was at this point in history that an accessory’s purpose shifted more toward fashion and experimentation with personal style, rather than just function.  Due to the laid-back mentality of the 1970’s, the middle class was not as fond of cufflinks, and most of men’s shirts at that time were beginning to be manufactured complete with buttons, eliminating the need for cufflinks.  Although they were seen as impractical among the working class, influential celebrities of the time kept the trend alive.  The 80’s brought back these accessories, and cufflinks have since then continued to be a stylish, if not underrated, part of men’s fashion.  Skeptical that cufflinks are for you? Our guide to cufflinks will give you insight into everything you need to know about these small but mighty details.