We take pride in our jewelry offered for both men and women, all of our pieces are handmade from materials long forgotten. We then turn them into a conversation piece, something you can have that is unique and holds a little bit of history.

We took discarded typewriters and turned them into cuff links. We recycled forgotten watches and created timeless pendants. Inspired by the American tradition of history and innovation, we continue to design and produce stunning pieces of wearable art, with a respect for the past and an eye towards the edge.


Vintage clothing and fashion is not just simply about creating a new look and style. It’s also about paying homage to the earlier trends and knowing the actually historical contexts which had helped bring about those trends. And this is one of the main reasons why vintage clothing is now also considered to be a good investment. Collecting vintage clothing and fashion can be comparable to collecting antiques and art pieces – a piece of the past and art at the same time.